“I just want to be clear…this is not a man-hating thing. I LOVE men. The men I’ve worked with along the way are WHY I am where I am today.”

That was the quote, from a “Women in Sports” panel hosted by the Charlotte Knights, that made Page fall into both professional and friendship love with Charlotte Checkers COO Tera Black. Ever since hearing it, Page and Jake have wanted to get Tera and the one man she loves the MOST onto Date Night.

And Tera better love Jamie Black a lot, because not only are these two married, but they also work together! Jamie is a former professional hockey player himself, who, in addition to being one of the more pleasant and easy-going human beings alive, is a member of the Checkers’ Front Office as well, as the team’s Controller.

Listen in as Page and Jake talk with the Blacks about balancing their work and home lives that so often and so thoroughly overlap, what it was like winning the Calder Cup this year, how much fun they have raising their two daughters…and everything in between!

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