Oh, hi there.

It’s been a minute, Charlotte.

Our last 1-2 months have been filled with a new house, a new dog, holidays and most notably, no podcasts. We know. Wahhh.


Weeeee’rrrrreeeee baaaaaaack.

We have a ton of great podcasts scheduled for February, but in the meantime, we didn’t want to let January go by (barely!) without dropping some content. And by content, we mean THREE NEW EPISODES! AND WE’RE DROPPING THEM ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!!!! ALL CAPS!!!!!!!!!! And the reason we didn’t want to let January go by? It’s our one year anniversary of the pod! Sort of. We think. Close enough. Time flies when you’re sharing mics and beers!

This three-pack is quite the mix to say the least. We’ve got:

1. Phillip and Amanda McLamb, owners of Resident Culture Brewing Company. New baby, new brewery, both growing like crazy. NBD. As you can see in the thumbnail, we celebrated Jake’s birthday and the podcast’s. In that order.

2. Lauren Levine and Ali Washburn from the Margarita Confessionals podcast. Wait, what? Yeah. They had us on their *fire emoji* podcast back in 2016 before our show existed, so we thought, hey that was sort of a date night, right? Let’s re-purpose it. No? What the heck, we’re re-posting it (because #content).

3. Episode 0. Right after Hygge’s very own, Garrett Tichy, named “Date Night with Jake and Page” as one of his co-working company’s inaugural podcast residency members last January, the three of us taped a rambling, beautiful, incoherent, amazing, awful podcast. We’ve been staring at it for a year…and now it’s time to release it to the world. Apologies in advance, Garrett.

We can’t thank Phillip, Amanda, Lauren, Ali and Garrett enough for joining us on this episode, and as always, big thanks to ole’ “Garre’ Bear,” Hygge and Richard Brooke for having us as a member of their inaugural Hygge Podcast Residency! Please subscribe, share and comment on this episode. Past shows can be found on jakeandpage.com, iTunes and wherever you get your podcasts. We live stream most episodes on Facebook (Page Crawford Fox 46) and videos are posted to youtube.com/jakefehling.

Please keep the conversation going on social media using the hashtag #datenightclt. Thanks for listening!

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