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Meet Jake:

Jake has led a diverse career in marketing, public relations and talent development since 2002, spanning the sports business, life sciences and financial services industries. In 2018, he was finally able to leverage his obsession with social media and personal branding into the role of Vice President, Marketing, for Movement Mortgage in the Charlotte area. #Blessed.

From 2002-12, Jake directed international media operations for the USOC and USA Baseball. He tried – and failed (thanks, Derek Jeter…sigh) – at getting baseball back into the Olympic Games, and he led the corporate merchandising operation for the USGA during that period as well (read: he put small logos on U.S. Open hats). In 2012, the Triangle Business Journal threw him a bone by recognizing him with a 40 Under 40 Leadership Award. Jake spent the next four years with KFA Search, recruiting executive-level talent for medical device, pharma and biotech companies, thus rounding out his theretofore un-rounded liberal arts-dominated career.

When he’s not writing long, boring bios, you can find Jake scrambling to keep up with his three kids and sleep deprived wife, Page. Together, he and Page host the podcast, “Date Night with Jake and Page,” and they also train individuals and corporate clients on personal and professional development. Their children rule their lives, however, and if you spend even a couple of minutes following their travails on social media, you’ll instantly feel better about your parenting skills.

Meet Page:

If you’re an insomniac, the parent of a newborn or just a bleary-eyed lover of local morning television in Charlotte, Page is your new best friend. She hangs out with residents of the Queen City, weekday mornings from 4:30 – 9:00 AM, as Co-Anchor on the Fox 46 morning show, “Good Day Charlotte!”

Page grew up right outside of Washington, D.C., but has lived in North Carolina for more than 15 years. She graduated with a journalism degree from UNC-Chapel Hill and proceeded to spend two years with the Peace Corps in Honduras digging latrines. Her parents were thrilled at the results from four years of paying out-of-state tuition. Page’s life took an only slightly more glamorous turn when, upon completion of her Peace Corps service, she moved to New York City to wear navy blue polyester and make barely enough money to live on Ramen noodles as an NBC Page (yes, she was “Page-the-Page”). During that time, Page also met the man of her dreams over a “Dumb and Dumber” movie line quote-off. It was love at first sss…slippy…slappy…swanson…SIGHT. Love at first sight. (Sorry, she knew it started with an ‘S.’)

Fast forward to today… and now Page is in love with three men and one woman. But she’s married to one of them and gave birth to the other three, so that’ll teach you to jump to conclusions. Part-time hosting and reporting jobs in New York led to a full-time gig at WNCN in Raleigh and then to FOX 46 Charlotte. Her husband, Jake, their three knuckleheads and she now live on the same street as seven other members of her family, and if that doesn’t make you think they’re insane then maybe this will: Page loves waking up at 2:00 AM and bringing viewers their morning news every day. Pinky swear.

When she’s not mainlining caffeine, chardonnay or apple juice stolen from one of her kids’ lunchboxes, Page co-hosts the “Date Night with Jake and Page” podcast and co-teaches grown-ups how to “adult” in a business setting… AKA, she facilitates personal and professional development training classes. See… didn’t that sound so mature?

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