Welcome to another round of Page and Jake’s Takes, where we offer super-extra-barely-mild opinions on parenting-related topics.

The rules of babysitting…are they for the kids? The babysitter? The parents?

Heading into this we always thought we had one main rule concerning babysitters: USE THEM. Early and often. (Sort of like how we wish we did for the wedding in the cover image of this episode!)

Turns out there’s more to it than that.

During this episode, Page and Jake discuss everything from how much actual work is reasonable to expect of a babysitter, or if it’s OK to have them literally just sit and watch your baby. They also take on the age-old question of how/when to do the “double round-up,” and Page tells a story that will make you question her worth as a human. Or at least as a babysitter.

Sit back, listen and enjoy. Also, can you come by around 5 p.m. on Saturday? We could really use a night out…

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