If kelly green ceilings, bright yellow couches, and a giant stuffed ostrich were a person… that person would be our guest for this episode, Natalie Papier. Or, Natalie *Airhorn Noise*, as she’ll forever now be known in the Fehling house. Get ready for a colorful and fun-filled episode of Date Night with Jake and Page featuring this incredibly talented interior designer!

Known for her bold use of colors and unexpected pairings, Natalie shared some behind-the-scenes scoop on the show she co-stars in (along with muralist Racheal Jackson and abstract artist Frankie Zombie), “Artfully Designed” (streaming on the Magnolia network and Discovery Plus), her upcoming book, “Home is where the ART is,” and her new lighting line with Hudson Valley lighting. Casual. She’s a snoodge busy.

Follow Natalie *Airhorn Noise* at @home_ec_op on Instagram for design inspo and a general good time. And be on the lookout for how you can apply to be Season 2 of “Artfully Designed!”

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So grab your favorite burger or chicken sandwich and tune in to the latest episode of Date Night with Jake and Page, where we bring the laughs and heart to your evening. Enjoy!