On this episode of “Date Night with Jake and Page,” your hosts sit down with Brittany and Juston Burris. Wolfpack, Panthers, Jets, and Browns fans know Juston as an NFL player, but if you’re looking for the inside scoop on anything football this is not your podcast. Sorry, not sorry. IF, however, you’re looking to hear from a powerhouse couple that’s known each other since middle school, dated since college, and is growing a real estate investment portfolio and Airbnb business we can ALL learn from… have a listen. You’ll be glad you did.

Learn more (and dare we say, book your next stay?!) at thenextstopco.com. Also mark your calendars for Oct 20th!!! Brittany’s online self-paced how-to for Airbnb wannabe hosts (*raises hand*) drops that day. Details are on the website and for more follow @thenextstopcollective everywhere on social media!

**This episode of Date Night is brought to you by The NASCAR Hall of Fame “Over the Edge Challenge.” For just $20 you can give a kid in Charlotte an experience that will open doors and curiosity for a lifetime. More info and links to donate here: charlotteovertheedge.org. And if you’d like to come cheer on Jake, he’ll be supporting the cause on Oct. 5 by rappelling down the side of a 10-story building in Charlotte!