Crawfords: Not Slackers

We’re back for Episode 20 of the Date Night with Jake and Page podcast! This episode is a family affair, as we had Casey (Page’s brother!) & Michelle Crawford in the studio!

To call Casey and Michelle a power couple would be an understatement. Not only are they both CEOs and owners of their respective companies, Movement Mortgage and Rising Crossfit Ballantyne in the Charlotte-area, but both are literally powerful. Casey doesn’t look too far removed from his time with the Carolina Panthers (where he played from 2000-2001 before earning a Super Bowl ring with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers) and it was only one year ago that Michelle competed in the CrossFit Games (where she starred from 2013-17).

While we were definitely guilty of steering too far at times into family jokes, we heard about the crazy story of how they realized they were each other’s ones, how a couple from Virginia and New Jersey decided to call Charlotte home, and how they manage from going insane living so close to family (ahem).

We can’t thank Casey and Michelle enough for joining us on this episode, and as always, big thanks to Garrett Tichy, Hygge and Richard Brooke for having us as a member of their inaugural Hygge Podcast Residency! Please subscribe, share and comment on this episode. Past shows can be found on, iTunes and wherever you get your podcasts. We live stream most episodes on Facebook (Page Crawford Fox 46) and videos are posted to

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p.s. Sorry for the brutal audio. Due to technical difficulties we lost our recording, but fortunately we were able to pull this from the Facebook live stream. Big ups once again to Richard for trying to salvage our memory card. RIP, good audio.

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