When Page first started interviewing for her job at FOX 46 back in 2014, it was Nick Kosir who kept her in the loop through the 807 step process. Teeing her up for good answers during auditions. Calling to tell her that their head of sales was the one voting for a different morning anchor. (Editor’s note: She’s never let him live that down.)

When Page eventually landed the job, she and Nick realized neither of their families knew many people in Charlotte. We had kids the same age. His wife worked in TV too. A family friendship was meant to be.

So, we planned a Kosling play-date.

When Nick and Danielle showed up to our house they walked right around to the backyard with their kid, a grocery bag full of beer, frozen pizza, and sleeping bags. They were spending the night. This was gonna be a magical relationship.

It’s been so magical that they moved an hour and a half away immediately after that and we haven’t socialized with them since. #life

Until now. Nick has since gone viral in the most ridiculously fabulous of ways, dancing into all of our hearts on Instagram… much the same way he danced into Danielle’s years ago when he was her boss. Oh, snap.

So much to unpack with these two. So much to love. It’s time to get viral with the Kosirs. Enjoy! Wait, sorry, that came out wrong…

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