Heads up, Buzz City, we’ve got Episode 12 of the Date Night with Jake and Page podcast coming at you! In this show you’ll hear from Charlotte Hornets in-game hosts Jacinda and Derrick “Fly Ty” Jacobs!

Wellllllp, we’ve met our match. Good grief, Jacinda and Fly Ty can HUSTLE. The Hornets gig is just one part of their looooong list of jobs, appearances, hosting opps, emcee gigs, etc., etc. Hearing how they balance everything should be required listening for any couple with two working spouses. Add in three sons from Ty’s previous marriage and a book launch for Jacinda, and, well, yeah. Insanity.

We caught them just before the launch of Jacinda’s book, “Uniquely Qualified”, on Nov. 9 (pick up a copy on Amazon!), so the timing was great. Jacinda touched on various pieces from her book, ranging from her troubled background to how she’s now able to use her platform on TV, the radio and through events to help spread her message of living life to the fullest. Ty was right there by her side, hyping her book like a pro. They truly are #relationshipgoals.

We can’t thank Fly Ty and Jacinda enough for joining us on this episode, and as always, big thanks to Garrett Tichy, Hygge and Richard Brooke for having us as a member of their inaugural Hygge Podcast Residency! Please subscribe, share and comment on this episode. Past shows can be found on jakeandpage.com, iTunes and wherever you get your podcasts. We live stream each episode on Facebook (Page Crawford Fox 46) and videos are posted to youtube.com/jakefehling.

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