Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Page and Jake’s Takes are back! And we’re comin’ in HOT off a beach trip for the ages.

This episode is about “The Sweet Spot.” That glorious moment when your kids are old enough to fend for themselves. When you can go to the beach and realize seven days later that you have no idea what any of your children had for lunch last week. When your kids say, “Don’t worry, Mom and Dad, we’ll brush our teeth and put ourselves to bed.” All right, maybe that’s getting a bit greedy.

We just went to the Outer Banks for a week and had pure, unadulterated, genuine FUN. We – GASP! – enjoyed spending time with our kids. We may actually be figuring this parenting thing out after all.

Parents with multiple kids in diapers, drowning in baby wipes and exhaustion, hang in there. Your time is coming. You’ll be able to pack a book for a beach trip again soon. It only took us *checks notes* 11 years to get there.


Welp. There’s always margaritas.

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