SHE makes everyone else beautiful in our effort to get on even half of her level. HE “works in banking…” when he’s not doubling as a male fashion model on her blog.

On this episode of “Date Night with Jake and Page” John and Lindsey Regan Thorne visit the bonus room to talk about when “Alive at 5” was classy, how Lindsey’s plan to “Lose a guy in 10 days” backfired (in the best of ways), and how Jake is a bad dater (but it worked out anyway).

The two couples decide that as a foursome they could make up one decent set of parents (Regans do potty-training. Fehlings are on sleep duty. Currently accepting applications for all in-between and after phases.), John and Jake discuss using mixed drinks to teach homeschool fractions, and Page and Lindsey put their math (in)abilities on full display throughout the episode.

Things takes a “serious” turn when the Thorne’s break down how they started a new business and the deciding factors that go into what to (and what not to) share on social media… and then promptly turn back into middle school territory when Lindsey shouts out “Tata Harper,” Page can’t stop talking about “eye sacks,” and the boys get the giggles about it all.

Follow Lindsey on her blog and on instagram @lindseyreganthorne. And of course if you need help with your eye sacks or any other beauty needs, has gotchoo.

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