On this episode of “Date Night with Jake and Page,” we reunite with one of our early Raleigh friendship crushes, Laurie Ruettimann. Laurie is a self-described reformed HR professional who was just not right for HR. She talked with us about her new book, “Betting On You: How to Put Yourself First and (Finally) Take Control of Your Career,” and graciously accepted Page’s stalker-level post-it markings and interrogation about everything inside.

The three discuss how Laurie’s own journey of being fed-up at work led to lap-band surgery in Mexico and quitting her day job to bet on her own self… but why she doesn’t necessarily think you should do the same thing. Yet. She answers Jake’s questions about what this means if you’re the boss trying to keep people happy at work so that they don’t want to leave, and addresses how the book took on new meaning in the midst of pandemic job changes for so many.

Both the book and Laurie are the perfect dose of practical and punk rock. Speaking of… you can hear more from her on her podcast, “Punk Rock HR,” her website laurieruettimann.com, and on Twitter and IG @lruettiman. Come for the career advice, stay for the cat pics and bad-a$$ tats.

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