Cam is back, baby!!

And that means Bank of America Stadium is about to be loud and lots of fun this Sunday when the Carolina Panthers take on Washington for his first home game back this season. You know Panthers DJ Vinny Esposito is gonna make sure of that. And so will his wife Diane, aka, “Mama D,” as she’s known to their three sons, two grandsons, and the fleet of DJs the Espositos employ, but also think of as extended family.

On this episode of Date Night with Jake and Page, get to know the Espositos all the way back to Vinny’s hair band days, when he had to use a cursing jar to remind himself to watch his mouth around the cute blonde who “didn’t even like his name” when they first met. Vinny and Diane share their best boundaries advice for when you work and live together, they show Jake and Page why they’re far better parents than the Fehlings, and the two couples decide Jake is the only one any of them would ever hire as an assistant.

You’ll hear how Vinny decided to take the Panthers gig based on an impatient thumbs-up from Diane just to get him off the phone to help with kids at Disney, plenty of inside scoop on what it’s like to work the production side of an NFL game, and why being a DJ can look sketchy to neighbors when The Sopranos is the hottest thing on TV.

Thought you might miss this episode of Date Night? Fuggetaboutit!

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