An escape from the communist regime in Romania, the son of a cop arrested by his dad’s colleagues, and parties at the Playboy mansion while living in Melrose Place. Plotlines for your latest Netflix binge? Oh, no. Just some of the stories you’ll hear on this episode of “Date Night with Jake and Page.”

This time we sat down with the Doctors Temple – aka Ana-Maria and John – the Hollywood-caliber medical duo who’ve joined forces to bring you “The Rule of 5: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Healthy Kids in an Unhealthy World.” Their teens voluntarily don’t eat Chick-fil-A with friends. So they must be on to something…

Ana-Maria (@dranamariatemple) says her mission is to change kids’ and families’ lives through clinical work and education. John is an orthopedic surgeon slash Docs Temple Marketing Guru. Jake could have picked his brain about how he helps promote Ana-Maria’s growing business for the entire hour.

Oh, and we bring back a (socially distanced) wrap-up game. Listen in uncomfortably while we awkwardly play Heads Up. We should have quit while we were ahead.

Finally, we talk about our book in the intro – yes, it’s finally published! “Holy Crap, We’re Pregnant” is a she said/he said take on pregnancy. It’s lighthearted and non-technical to say the least. Are you surprised? A full podcast on the why behind the podcast is coming soon, as is the audio book!

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