Hello there, Date Nighters. Been a while!

For this episode, we’re bringing back two of our favorites as part of a live show meets date night meets Page and Jake’s takes. The audio is from a September conference in Charlotte called EmpowerCon. Our good friend Meredith Dean rounded up some of Queen City’s finest for the event, and she also invited us. Speakers talked culture, politics, entertainment, and yes – parenting. Or adulting. Or how to make a fool of yourself in front of large groups. Either way, that was our topic…and we took this one a few places. Buckle up.

Fortunately we didn’t go down in flames alone, and in fact, we were carried by the other couple joining us: Jacinda and Derrick (aka “Fly Ty”) Jacobs! Sound familiar? They should! Fly Ty and Jacinda joined us on Date Night back on Episode 12. Meredith asked us to talk about how we balance careers and family, and at the end of the day for us it always comes back to “Create Your Own Normal.” Do what works for you and don’t apologize for it. Every question we get asked inevitably ends up back there. Create your own normal.

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