This one was a bit of a Date Night reunion. We first met Vani Hari more than a decade ago when she was just starting to build her Food Babe empire. She was young and hungry. We had kids who were also both of those things… and we were feeding them crap. Vani came in with a cheese grater and cauliflower “pasta” to save the day. (A quick run through her social media and YouTube will bring up the horror show.) Fast forward 10 years and Vani has a kid of her own, another one on the way, several books and successful businesses, and still a KEEN eye on the Fehlings’ pantry. On this episode we sit down with “The Food Babe” to discuss everything from her advocacy work against major food corporations, to starting a business six weeks after giving birth, to why beaver butt is so delicious. For past episodes of Date Night with Jake and Page please visit or wherever you get your podcasts. Please comment, like and share your favorite episodes as well. Stay safe, everyone, and thanks for listening!