On this episode of “Date Night with Jake and Page,” your hosts talk with one of Page’s favorite “Good Day” guests from back in the day – and Chuck Roads’ arch-nemesis – Dr. Scott Paviol of Paviol Dermatology. Dr. P explains why we have sick babies to thank for Botox, Coco Chanel to blame for skin cancer, and alcohol-fueled parties to look to for why dermatologists sometimes become “junk checkers for people who sun their under-regions.” Yeah.

Over the course of their time together, Jake learns that his face would make for a great “before and after” case, Page outs every friend she’s ever known with a skin condition (including herself), and Dr. P gives his “Big 4 drug store must-haves” for skin care. He also introduces Page to her new favorite saying, “Be high maintenance so you can be low maintenance.”

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