Welcome to another round of Date Night! In this episode we’re bringing back Penn and Kim Holderness of the Holderness Family, but this time, we’re on their turf. This episode is a replay of a Holderness Family Podcast episode they aired of us on June 11. We talked Father’s Day, making friends as adults and much more…and then we talked about it again, because Penn forgot to insert a memory card for the first recording. OMG, Penn.

We love Penn and Kim. We don’t need to belabor it here – you can listen to our first episode with them (Ep. 5 on May 9, 2017) – but they are some of our dearest friends. Page and Penn worked together, we had all of our kids around the same time and on and on. It’s been incredible to watch them blow up and build their parody music video/parenting/relationship brand. And to think, that first Christmas Jammies video Christmas card of theirs was meant to catch up with family and announce their new video production business…

We beatboxed, faked laughed at jokes we had to tell a second time and then they ran to jump on a flight while we hustled our kids into the car to head back to Charlotte. We know we’re not alone in thinking it’s hard to make really good friends as adults, so when you do, you drive three hours to hang for a quick 24.

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