We finally finished our pregnancy book! “Holy Crap, We’re Pregnant” only took us 10 years and a global pandemic to finish, but we got it across the finish line. You could say it was a… labor of love.

*crowd groans*

In this episode you’ll hear us set things up with a brief intro, then we play the Prologue portion of our upcoming audio book. Recording the audio version has been THE most fun. Reading it aloud to each other has jogged our memories; we bring up some old stories and jokes that weren’t included in the printed book! Speaking of which, the paperback and e-book are out now at holycrapbooks.com, as well as some killer pregnancy gear. Check it out!

Finally, the book summary from our back cover is below. Thanks for listening. Enjoy!

Join Jake and Page Fehling as they hold your hand—but not your leg, that’s your job, dads—through your pregnancy journey. Jake and Page each write their own accounts of major pregnancy milestones, then react to the other’s recollections. Holy Crap, Let’s Go To Therapy was a close runner-up for the title. Jake and Page may be three-time parents, but they’re first-time authors. So they’re keeping their fingers crossed that you like their book. But not their legs… because clearly that hasn’t worked for them in the past.