Please help us welcome Jenn and Miles Andrews to Date Night! They showed up with cans of Middle James Brewing’s Hops on One Leg IPA, which was a great start, but more on that later…

Jenn and Miles came HIGHLY recommended as guests. We polled our social media and got several requests to have them on. This was followed by Jenn introducing herself to Jake at a Panthers game and passing along some swag for her foundation. Once we heard her story, we had to have them on.

Some back story: Jenn was getting a pedicure in 2013 when she was pregnant with her first child. During that pedicure, the nail tech discovered a pea-sized nodule on top of her right foot. The nodule eventually grew to a golf ball size mass. After several years of ups, downs and seeking multiple opinions, amputation was the only option to give her the best chance at a cancer-free life.

On March 7, 2018, Jenn did a Facebook live video requesting friends and family to move for her and those who physically can’t on her surgery date. This request unknowingly became a movement. On March 12, 2018, Jenn became cancer free, and the social media world flooded with #moveforjenn and #movebecauseyoucan posts globally. People all over the world were sharing posts with all forms of exercise in honor of Jenn and her request. This movement led her to realize that being an amputee, and someone who wanted to remain active, would be difficult without ample means of funding.

The Move for Jenn Foundation was born from this moment. Fundraisers, 5Ks and IPA collaborations followed. Jenn and Miles now tell their story from a much larger – and growing – platform everyday. We were lucky to have them on the pod.

Learn more about the foundation at and follow Jenn at @moveforjenn and @_jennandrews. Miles is no slouch at social media himself; he can be found on Instagram and TikTok at @j.miles.a. Thanks for listening! For past episodes visit