“Looners,” “Chambongs,” and “Bad Bunny.” Three new things your hosts learned about on this episode of Date Night!

Tiffany and Ciro Marino are the duo behind “Confetti Castle,” the balloon company that has BLOWN UP over the past few years. Sorry. We had to. Jake and Page talk with them about how they met on Tinder, blended their beautiful families, and moved to Charlotte for Ciro’s job(s) in the restaurant industry… before he eventually left to join his wife as a jack of all balloon trades.

The night started off with a shot of the bubbly, included life-changing tips on balloon fetishes, and how not to burn your garlic (you can decide which of those is the most life-changing), it and ended with Tiffany and Ciro leaving for a party that STARTED at 10 p.m. On a Thursday. Jake and Page were very impressed by both that, and the rest of what this rockstar couple brought to the table.

Follow Confetti Castle on the ‘gram @confetticastle … or just look in the back/foreground of any picture you take anywhere these days. That’s them. The colorful beauties (the balloons and the people behind the balloons) making everyone’s day a little better and a lot more fun!

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