Happy Holidays from the Fehlings!

The cover image for this end-of-year episode is fitting. We’ve clearly got a plan – we’re wearing matching, albeit it purposefully hideous outfits, but we’re also clearly not quite nailing it. That’s what the holiday season has represented for us with the podcast each of the last three years. Life gets in the way of podcasting. Go figure.

In 2019 we brought on some amazing guests. We introduced Page and Jake’s Takes. We had a TON of fun. But our goals for 2020 are bigger (we get into that next episode!). They’re also simpler. We invested in podcasting equipment in our home. We’re going to bring guests onto our turf. But more importantly, we’re going to just flat out podcast more. About parenting. About our kids. About what makes relationships tick.

We’d love to hear from you on what we should discuss and who we should bring on! If you’re new to the pod, past episodes can be found at jakeandpage.com and wherever you get your podcasts.

We hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season, and we can’t wait to see what the new year has in store!