On the latest episode of Date Night, Jake and Page sit down with Elizabeth King (@sleepbabyconsulting) and Dr. Heather Graham (@heather_graham_md). Elizabeth is the CEO of Sleep Baby Consulting in Charlotte, NC. She works with families to teach their babies and toddlers how to sleep well so that the entire family can get the rest they need. Heather, meanwhile, has transitioned from delivering babies as a part of Premier Gynecology & Wellness to running Connected – Infertfility Monitoring where she focuses on taking care of women prior to pregnancy, postpartum and for the rest of their lives.

We ask Elizabeth what sleep training methods are all the rage right now, what principles stand the test of time, the mistakes people make, and much more. She and Heather talk about how they tag team to help women not just survive the massive transition that is the 4th trimester and postpartum, but to THRIVE during that period as well. We discuss perinatal mental health, how important it is for women to get the help they need directly from the person that who knows them the best – their OBGYN – and most importantly stomping out the stigma around/make women aware of how common mood disorders can be before during and after pregnancy.

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