HE’s a former safety and current color commentator for the Carolina Panthers, and don’t you dare call him your “friend” until he really is.

SHE’s a former Ohio State soccer player and just about the sweetest human alive.

On this episode of “Date Night with Jake and Page,” Kurt and Laura Coleman join your hosts in the bonus room studio for a day-date brought to you by 1800 watermelon margaritas. Apologies for all the ice tinkling heard throughout, and “You’re welcome,” to Laura’s sister who it sounds like might have had more than her fair share of those as a third wheel on Kurt and Laura’s first date.*

Throughout this episode Kurt talked openly about the grudges he’s held against teams that fired him, how he’s overcome these grudges, what it’s been like calling games for the Panthers, how Andy Reid’s wife Tammy essentially proposed to Laura, and his almost troubling obsession with pancakes. We get it Kurt, you like IHOP. And thank you… we’re now starving.

Laura, meanwhile, continues her reign as one of the nicest humans alive… unless you sit next to her (or her dad, without knowing it) at one of their kids’ sporting events and comment on the fairness of her child beating the pants off yours. Then… LOOK OUT. Mama Coleman is coming for you. *snaps fingers two times in the air*

The two couples talked mental health, child labor laws in tourism-dependent countries, and questionable mattress stains. Yeah, we went there. Things begin with a discussion of “getting it in,” and end with a Vladimir Guerrero Catchphrase clue that will blow away your eardrums. We’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy all of that and everything in-between.

Catch more Kurt this football season on the radio and as a coach at Charlotte Latin, and you’ll find Laura somewhere in Charlotte carting around the four Coleman minis to practices on practices on games on practices. Don’t believe us? They’re @k4cole20 and @mrscoleman29 on Insta if you want to stalk them there.

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*Psst, Laura’s sister, you’re totally invited next time. You sound like fun.