Politicians. They’re just like us!


Except… in Jeff Jackson’s case, it’s true!

Meet Jeff and Marisa Jackson. Jeff is a North Carolina State Senator, representing Mecklenburg County, who recently launched a campaign for a 2022 U.S. Senate seat. Marisa is his wife, slash campaign manager in a pinch, slash marketer, slash do-everything mom.

The parents of three are disarmingly unassuming. They agreed to jump on the Date Night pod at… 1:00 p.m. on a Saturday, immediately on the heels of their two-year-old going down for a nap. They planned a date around nap time. And if that ain’t the most “parents of young kids” thing ever, we don’t know what is.

After meeting Marisa on Match.com – the two of them barely got through the app’s free trial period before Jeff put a ring on it six months later! – Jeff was thrust into politics in 2014 amidst the infamous Charlotte mayoral drama from that year. Over the last six years he’s become a household name in the Queen City, running a campaign built on 100% positivity and recently being named a 2020 Charlottean of the Year by Charlotte Magazine.

A communications and marketing junkie by trade, Marisa has been thrust into the spotlight after bringing Jeff’s successful 2020 re-election campaign across the finish line when he was called into National Guard duty before election day. She then helped co-star (and wrangle kids who DID NOT want to participate, we learned) in Jeff’s viral 2022 announcement video. Was this a one-and-done stint as a campaign manager? Marisa said she’s leaving the door open for reprising the role in 2022.

Finally, when asked about their favorite date nights or spots to eat in Charlotte, the couple paused and said… axe throwing and Chipotle.

Told you, just like us!

Give Jeff (@jeffjacksonnc) and Marisa (@marisajacksonnc) a follow on social media! Especially Marisa, who promises all new followers that she will be posting more. 😉 You can also follow Jeff’s campaign at jeffjacksonnc.com.

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