On this episode of “Date Night with Jake and Page” your hosts celebrate their Sweet 16th wedding anniversary! At least they think that’s what they’re celebrating. Or… when they’re celebrating it? Tune in to see who you agree with about the rules of celebration and to hear what Jake, Page, Michael Jordan, and one of the singers in “Color Me Badd” all have in common. Comment below and let us know when your wedding anniversary is and what you remember from the year you made it official!

Speaking of things to celebrate, this episode is sponsored by Harriett’s Hamburgers and they’re turning TWO on September 14th! Harriett’s Hamburgers is conveniently located right by the entrance to Optimist Hall in Charlotte. Just follow your nose to the delish burgers, fries, and sauces (Page won’t shut up about the sauces) and scoop some cool gear while you’re there. Even Jake (the family merch snoot) thinks their stuff is cool. And all the Fehlings (YUGE burger connoisseurs) agree these burgers are a MUST for any hungry Charlottean. Follow Harriett’s Hamburgers on social at:

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