When you host a podcast called Date Night, and you try to round up two EARLY morning broadcasters on a school night, you either better bring the coffee, or a healthy dose of energy. Fortunately we had plenty of the latter with Power 98’s Ms. Jessica and “The Guy” joining the pod!

Ms. Jessica, aka The Girl Next Door, is one of the hosts of the No Limit Larry and the Morning Maddhouse radio show in Charlotte, while The Guy is a school counselor for CMS. And yes, before we get too far we should probably address this whole – The Guy – thing. He’s Jessica’s long-time +1. And his name is pretty much the only thing off-limits on her show. But we learn his name almost immediately once we started recording. And if that isn’t enough incentive to listen, we don’t know what is!

Jessica and Page have gotten to know each other through a segment on Good Day Charlotte where she delivers a healthy dose of entertainment gossip, affectionately referred to as #noseyneighbornews. Recently, much of the topics of discussion on their respective shows have turned to racial injustice, civil unrest and everything else the world is juggling right now. And just when you think they have a tough job, talking about these topics live on the air each day, scroll up and re-read The Guy’s resume. Yeah. He tackles these topics everyday with young students, who you know are already dealing with PLENTY. Phew.

We discuss these topics and more, including the fact that Ms. Jessica is the “June” of her family, having two older brothers. Check out Jessica at @heymsjessica and The Guy wherever people are doing the Lord’s work. For past episodes of Date Night with Jake and Page please visit jakeandpage.com or wherever you get your podcasts. Please comment, like and share your favorite episodes as well. Stay safe, everyone, and thanks for listening!