Welcome to another round of Date Night! In this episode we chat with Charlotte blogger and influencer, Miranda Miller, and her husband Joshua.

Miranda and Page met on Page’s literal first day of launching Good Day Charlotte on Fox 46. Miranda made the celebration cake. It was delicious. And beautiful. These were her pre-purple hair days. A few years later fate brought them together again on the mean streets of…Pineville. Which…was only mean because this time all of both of their children were in tow, and that will make anyone mean.

Fast-forward a couple more years and a couple thousand more insta-followers (she is a “swipe up” person now!!,) and Miranda and Page are back. Husbands in tow. Kids relegated to the downstairs only.

Miranda and Joshua were our first #PlayroomPodcast experiment (ahem… GUESTS). They came over on a Saturday morning and GOT IN THERE with us. We discussed how they met and Joshua’s penchant for double-thongs, Miranda’s thoughts on how we’re teaching our children about sex (WE ARE DOING IT WRONG), and how they might be the only family who crosses more work/life lines than we do. We also got into the “rules” about what’s fair game to share on Miranda’s blog and how Joshua supports their family with his prowess as a sign maker. Or something like that. Page still isn’t sure.

At some point while we were upstairs our youngest daughter June had locked their oldest daughter Bella in the coat closet, turned off the light and simply left, like some warped game of hide-and-seek… without the seek. When we came down Bella exited, gently relayed what had happened, and then offered to take a picture of all the grown-ups “for the post.” Because her mama is a blogger and SHE GETS IT. If only her dad enjoyed having his picture taken…

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