If you pay even the slightest bit of attention to the news in Charlotte then you already know Joe Bruno. Joe is one of Charlotte’s most well-known and well-respected journalists. Liz Egan Bruno (current audio/video producer… but we’re not convinced her goal of being on SNL is yet out of reach) is quite possibly the only human who can keep up with him.

Together the Brunos are the first Date Night guests to (almost) beat Jake and Page in a tall-off. *cumulative gasp* The two couples discuss how Joe, Liz and Page all met at Charlotte’s Fox 46… and how Page is the only one between her and Liz who liked Joe at first.

They also discuss their other Charlotte media friendship crushes… and then proceed to forget key names of the people with whom they all want to be friends. You can catch Joe on Twitter @JoeBrunoWSOC9 or Instagram @joebruno and Liz on Instagram @lizard_bruno.

This episode of Date Night was sponsored by The Jimmy! The Jimmy is a casual yet elegant trattoria reminiscent of the bistros found along the Mediterranean coastlines of Italy and France. They’re open for lunch, aperitivo and dinner, Monday – Saturday in the Myers Park neighborhood in Charlotte. Lunch starts at 11:30 a.m. and the menu is 🔥. Jake and Page loved it so much that Jake even dresses like “The Jimmy” now. It’s a whole lewk. See for yourself on our Instagram accounts… while you’re there, check out theirs @thejimmyclt!