Pull up a seat at the bar for Episode 11 of the Date Night with Jake and Page podcast, where each month we double-date over mics and drinks with a prominent Queen City couple. In this episode you’ll hear from Bob Peters, Creative Director of the Bar Program for The Punch Room in the Ritz-Carlton in Charlotte, and his wife, Jena Burgin-Peters, Owner of JBP Entertainment! (Oh, and their daughter too!)

Bob got Jake to drink bourbon. We can probably just start and end this podcast description there. Yeah, he’s THAT good. In all seriousness, if you live in or around the QC – or really the world at this point – and you like a good cocktail, you have either been to The Punch Room, heard of The Punch Room, or The Punch Room is on your Charlotte Bucket List. Bob is a genius behind the bar, and he’s built a global following around his concoctions.

While you may already know about Bob, you SHOULD know about Jena as well. You’ve got to hear some of the stories she tells in this episode. Jena has a storied career in showbiz, and she’s continued it through to today as the owner and operator of JBP Entertainment, a performing arts studio and entertainment production office in uptown Charlotte.

Bob and Jena are a unique, eclectic, dynamic duo to say the least, and between The Punch Room and JBP, they’re helping to fuel a thriving arts and entertainment scene in the Queen City. This episode is definitely not one to miss!

We can’t thank Bob and Jena enough for joining us on this episode, and as always, big thanks to Garrett Tichy, Hygge and Richard Brooke for having us as a member of their inaugural Hygge Podcast Residency! Please subscribe, share and comment on this episode. Past shows can be found on jakeandpage.com, iTunes and wherever you get your podcasts. We live stream each episode on Facebook (Page Crawford Fox 46) and videos are posted to youtube.com/jakefehling.

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